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Professional website of national association of pediatricians: Supporting physician and parent education and
medical research and more./儿科学会网站

Professional website for parents from AAP:  provide information for parents: age and stage, health issues, safety, tips and
topics, family life, news, ask pediatrician and more……(on site, click Health Children http://www.healthychildren.
org/English/Pages/default.aspx /儿科学会网站家长专栏

Children health topic for kids, teens and parents:  It is very fun and informative with both English and
Spanish versions, but if you are very interested in particular page and would like to know in Chinese,please come to our office to
get help./针对儿童,青少年,父母的儿童健康专题

America's poison centers:  Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you. The Poison Help hotline
1-800-222-1222 serves as a key medical information resource and helps reduce  costly emergency room visits./美国毒物/化学物

Immunization/Vaccine: tell us what diseases are vaccine preventable, possible vaccine side effects,
school requirements …more/美国打预防针专栏

Travel Information:  health information for travel to over 200 international destinations/美国及国际旅行

Food and Drug Administration - responsible for the safety of American food, drugs, and medical devices licensed
for use in this country./美国政府药物,食物,用品安全专栏

Chino Hills Library -  free homework help for grades K-8th: Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm in
the Children's Area. Homework for K-8 and High School: Saturdays from 2-2-4pm, and much more for fun and help.

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